ORD-3 Common Ground

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ORD-3 Common Ground

Postby Merdeka » 12.02.2015, 22:08


Quick question: When using an ORD-3 Booster. Does it need a common ground. I'm talking about the track connections not the transformer.
I know that the 2 wires from the transformers may only be connected to the device they are powering.

Example 1:
Intellibox with ORD-3 on the Loconet-B. Do I need to connect the brown track connections together?

Example 2:
Multiple ORD-3 boosters. Do I need to connect the brown track connections together?



Re: ORD-3 Common Ground

Postby Merdeka » 17.02.2015, 08:39

Looks like I finally found the answer.

But i'll update the post so other can benefit.

The ORD-3 used an L6203 which is an H-Bridge. H-Bridge Boosters may not have their ground connected together.

Typically there are 2 booster designs:

- H-Bridge commonly used with DCC (grounds not connected)
- Common Ground Booster used primarily for Motorola/Marklin.

It is not advised to use the two designs together in one layout.



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