ORD-3 RailCom Cutout

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ORD-3 RailCom Cutout

Postby Merdeka » 13.02.2015, 18:50

Hi All,

I have an ORD-3 connected to the LocoNet-B on my Intellibox Classic. What I would like to do is experiment with RailCom but the IB is not capable of generating the RailCom Cut-Out. The ORD-3 hardware does seem to be prepared for this but the software/firmware in the PIC doesn't have this feature yet.

Is there anyone working on this? Or can I modify the BAS file myself to add this feature?
Or am I better of putting a Hans Deloof LocoRCC in between the IB and the ORD-3?




Re: ORD-3 RailCom Cutout

Postby RainerK » 13.02.2015, 19:10

Hi Timo,

the LocoRCC insert the cutout in the DCC datastream,
but the output circuit of the connected booster
additional need the capability to close the current loop.

Without this closed current loop, a RailCom detector is not capable
to detect the RailCom data coming from loco decoders.

Whether the ORD-3 has this feature must answer Peter.

Best Regards
Best Regards, es grüßt RainerK

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Re: ORD-3 RailCom Cutout

Postby Merdeka » 15.02.2015, 18:14

Thanks RainerK,

So it's not as easy as I thought. Hope that Peter can shed some light on this topic.
I thought that the Closed Current loop is only needed for Globaldetektor. And that RailCom detectors would only need a cut-out.

I'm talking about RailCom Detectors that do not talk back to the CS. But use a different way to talk to a computer. Like Tams RailCom RC-Link.

What I can do is swap the ORD-3 for a Hans Deloof LocoBooster.
Maybe use the ORD-3 as a dedicated booster for points/switches and other non Loco decoders.

But it would be a shame, the ORD-3 is a nice booster.



Re: ORD-3 RailCom Cutout

Postby Merdeka » 19.02.2015, 16:31

Just a small follow up.

The setup is as follows:
- Intellibox Classic LocoNet B --> LocoRCC --> ORD-3
- Intellibox Classic LocoNet T --> Uhlenbrock 68500 MARCo Detector

The IB sends out DCC RailSync over it's LocoNet B. The LocoRCC inserts the RailCom CutOut in the RailSync Signal to the ORD-3.
The MARCo Detector is split into two sections (LNCV 2 set to 1). And it reports in Digitrax format (LNCV 15 set to 2).

In RocRail the Marco is detected as BDL:
- BDL[7] RX[102] zone [] reports [present] of decoder address [11] direction [-]
- lnreader OBlock 0442 fb RailCom reports ident = 11

So it's all working as I hoped. Only thing I couldn't get working is dynamic text. I have made a dynamic text using %lcident% and %lcid%. But somehow the %lcident% stays blank? I don't know why.
- 20150215.165314.463 r9999I BR 128 OLoc 3967 block[block test] enter side for [BR 128] set to [-]
- 20150215.165314.463 r9999I BR 128 OModel 5498 occ: set placing in block bk 001 for BR 128 to 1
- 20150215.165314.465 r9999I BR 128 OAction 1676 Action RailCom Detection [tx-txt RailCom:update]
- 20150215.165314.466 r9999I BR 128 OAction 0638 Action execution RailCom Detection [tx-txt RailCom:update]
- 20150215.165314.466 r9999I BR 128 OAction 0925 setting text [txt RailCom] to [update] lcid=[BR 128]
- 20150215.165314.467 r9999I BR 128 OText 0281 text event [BR 128-block test][Loco: %lcident% %lcid%]
- 20150215.165314.467 r9999I BR 128 OText 0359 new text [Loco: BR 128]
- 20150215.165314.468 r9999I BR 128 OText 0448 broadcast text [Loco: BR 128]

Maybe this helps other people.



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