MGV145 Motor Lock

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MGV145 Motor Lock

Postby Manja » 27.02.2015, 06:58

in the documentation of MGV145 hub I miss a locking control. My hub has for a DC motor that transports the bolt into the end position. But he also needs some time.
In Spur1 (45mm) hubs is often more available, and mechanical Signale would be possible!
Is it possible to drive a motor lock in MGV145 yet?
MfG. Berthold
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Re: MGV145 Motor Lock

Postby RainerK » 27.02.2015, 07:23

Hi Manja,

the GCA/MGV145 is a driver only for stepper motors.
To drive normal DC motors and their locking will not supported.

For DC motors the GCA116 may be a good solution.
But a control to lock the motor is there also not included.

IMHO a motor with self locking like a worm drive or great gear reduction will be the better solution.

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