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(solved) This should be simple, but...

Posted: 13.10.2016, 23:45
by jml9904
Hello, all...

I'm trying to do something very simple with Rocrail, but obviously I'm missing something. Have an SE8C with a BD4 hanging off of it. Both work well - I can control the signals on the SE8C from the Rocrail layout map and I see accurate status on the map from the BD4. All four aspects - red, green, yellow, flashing - work fine. So far, so good.

What I want: When the BD4 senses a locomotive, turn a light from green to red. When the loco leaves (BD4 off), turn the light back to green.
If possible: When the next BD4 is occupied, then turn the one ahead or behind to yellow.

I've tried actions, variables, and everything else I can think of. I can get the light to go red on entry, but am not able to go back to green.

I've not done blocks as I understand that they're for automatic running, and I'm strictly manual.

Any idea as to how to proceed here?



Re: This should be simple, but...

Posted: 14.10.2016, 07:02
by rjversluis
Hi jml9904,

without your files you cannot expect any help.
You can easy collect them with this function.

Normally the signals are automatically set in blocks and/or routes.

Re: This should be simple, but...

Posted: 14.10.2016, 17:25
by jml9904
Thanks... I didn't post the files as this was more of a "how do I do this" rather than a "can you fix it for me" request. I think you've answered my question, though -- it looks like I need to set up blocks even though I'm running manually. That makes sense given the options available in blocks. I'll give it a try.


Re: This should be simple, but...

Posted: 15.10.2016, 15:47
by jml9904
Got it working... didn't need to set up blocks. The problem was one of associating the correct action with the correct sense - and by assigning the ID of the sensor to the signal.

Cheers... :coding: :beer:

Re: This should be simple, but...

Posted: 15.10.2016, 16:03
by smitt48
Hi, ... _as_solved

Please close forum entry.

Thanks Tom