road trafficlights with RocRail ?

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road trafficlights with RocRail ?

Post by sn00zerman » 05.10.2010, 15:25

Hello all,

I'm currently in the process of building my own carsystem.
(as in "cheap" and "opensource")
More about this later, in the (near) future.

I already made my own "central", which communicates with rocrail as any other P50X compatible central.
In my cars, I have installed small ATTIny2313 MCU's, which I control via Infrared. (my central sends over a "general" IR-signal, over strategically placed IR transmitters) Every signal contains an address, a speed-instruction and an instruction for functions and lights (like a real loc)
I also made occupancy sensors ...

So far so good, I can really control this by RocRail already.

I still have one major hurdle to take: The traffic lights !
(and also another one for my future automated battery-loading stations, but that's another story)

My traffic lights work like real traffic-lights. they switch from green to yellow and red, and back :-) I can do crossroads and traffic junctions with them. But the main question is, how can I integrate this into RocRail ?
When a light is "not green", it can generate a "block occupied" in RocRail as I want, but from there on, I'm stuck ...

What do I need to do in RocRail (or even "brew" extra hardware if necessary), to allow my cars to stop for this red light, and go on when the lights turn green again ?
Should I fully integrate this functionallity into my trafficlight controller, and leave RocRail out of it, or can I make some "magic" with actions, occupancy sensors and so on ?

Any advise is welcome !

Best regards,

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