Double yellow aspect for British outline

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Double yellow aspect for British outline

Post by leftwingnerd » 04.08.2011, 14:47

Hello all,

Is there a way to implement this? I can't see anything that mentions how to get an aspect meaning that the signal ahead is showing yellow on the wiki or in the forums.


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Post by rjversluis » 15.08.2011, 09:08

Hi Wilf,

this is set automatically when running in auto mode.

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Post by Besra » 15.08.2011, 10:16

Hi Wilf, Rob,

as far as I understood double yellow is shown if the next signal shows yellow (while the signal after the next is showing red). See for example.
This is something not implemented in Rocrail so far, I believe.

Best regards

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Post by Suzie » 18.10.2013, 13:52

From what I can tell double yellow is not automatic. The four aspects defined in RocRail for automatic when mapped to UK aspects appear to include red, green, yellow and call on (white) for when the route is clear to a divergance.

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