Russian signals, decoder ORA & multiaspect signals

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Russian signals, decoder ORA & multiaspect signals

Post by Aleksey » 26.09.2012, 13:58

I use decoders ORA, with modified firmware, under the Russian system of signals. The existing method of multi aspect signal (0001, 0010, 0011, 0100, etc.) is not good for me.
Whether probably to make the mode similar to a mode with extended accessory commands, but using simple accessory commands.


That is, the signal properties, specify only the starting address and port of the first (red) aspect, and then commands follow each other sequentially (0000 0001, 0000 0010, 0000 0100, 0000 1000 etc.)
The decoder itself processes these commands and activates the certain combination of outputs.

С уважением, Алексей.

P.S. I am sorry for my language, I use the Google Translator. :oops:
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Post by Buddace » 26.09.2012, 14:30

Multi aspect work with one address for two aspects (one straight one turnout).
You have to set only port and aspect number

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Re: Russian signals, decoder ORA & multiaspect signals

Post by apemberton » 16.02.2018, 20:14

This is interesting for me. I am doing some work on modifying Chinese made LED signals to represent SZD signalling practice. I am refitting the LED's with 12V 1.8mm types so no external resistors are needed. Fitting 7 wires inside the signal post (nscale) requires very fine wire. Soldering 36AWG nichrome wire is impossible so I am having to use wire wrapping techniques to connect the LED's to the external connectors. I wish my hands were a bit steadier! Perhaps a shot of vodka might help! :?

It is difficult to obtain truly prototypical RZD/RZD signals in nscale though there are companies in the Czech Republic that may produce them but so far I have had no success obtaining them.

I am writing C code to control my Zimo MX8's over the CAN bus by reverse engineering Zimo's 11 bit CAN protocol. I will be using Raspberry Pi's to drive the CAN bus directly (HAT's by S.K.Pang). So far I have got to turning individual ports on the MX8's on or off using the Rpi. Much more to do before this is useable though.

However, I wonder if there is any information, such as a state table, about the correct SZD signal sequences. I can see Russian instruction manuals and YouTube videos about how things work but a code table of operations would be great.

Another thing that would be good for me is a graphic representation of a control desk. I am aware that Soviet signalling systems were installed on the Deutsche Reichsbahn (EZMG) but (understandably) information is limited -especially in English. Perhaps I should browse the declassified CIA files? :mrgreen:

I'm also curious about ORA decoders mentioned by Aleksey above. I am aware of the Qdecoder products that can be programmed to represent SZD, RZD and CIS signalling.

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Re: Russian signals, decoder ORA & multiaspect signals

Post by apemberton » 04.04.2018, 09:44

I have moved on a bit with SZD signals. I have ordered a few QDecoder units (en-route awaiting the delivery courier as I write) to start trying out signals. These will be added to Rocrail configuration in due course. I have also been working on a truth table of RZD/SZD signal aspects (a LibreOffice Calc spreadsheet) for my coding of My Zimo MX8's. I have got to the point where I can write to the CV's and can change the output lines under program control. The MX8 does not have an inbuilt flash routine so it will be a case of switching output lines using a timer routine. I attach the truth table spreadsheet in '.csv' format for info and comment .

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