UK junction signals colour light

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UK junction signals colour light

Post by munrobagger » 08.06.2015, 23:40


Am I right in thinking that UK junction signalling with flashing yellow and double yellow and with feathers must be done by using actions? I'm sure I read that somewhere but I can't find that now. If so does anyone have any examples please?

A while back Suzie made a new set of icons for these signals but they don't seem to be able to show as four aspect signals on the track plan. In the list of icons I just seem to get a distant and two main signals then a shunting signal then a set of semaphores.

I'm planning a big layout (9m x 3.4m) with long stretches that have junctions that would use this type of signal. I would also like to use signals with a route indicator display on the two approach tracks to the terminus station. How would that be handled with Rocrail please?

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Re: UK junction signals colour light

Post by rjversluis » 11.06.2015, 14:10

Hi Fraser,

normally the multi aspect signals are controlled in the routes; Commands Tab.

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Re: UK junction signals colour light

Post by idlemarvel » 25.06.2015, 21:48

I have 2x3 aspect signals on my layout. It took a lot of experimentation to get it to display correctly and to get the accessory decoder to drive it properly. First you have to have the UK symbol set as the first in the list of SVG themes, above the standard spdrs60 set, in rocview properties. Then in the signal properties details tab, you need to have signal type light, signification main signal, aspects 3 (in my case) and prefix 3_ (in my case). Also make sure force multi-aspects is unticked. That should get it to display correctly. The interface tab depends on your accessory decoder. I have an LDT light signal decoder so I needed to use two addresses to control 3 (or 4) lights. You will probably need to use patterns.
Hope this helps.

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