Closed Rocrail meeting August 2009?

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I have serious interest to join the event on the 22 August in Hoorn (NL)

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Post by tiago » 14.08.2009, 15:45

I would enjoy to go, but it's something like 3000 km for me... :cry:
maybe next time! buying a plane ticket some months before is not so expensive.
Have fun ! take some photos!!

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Post by pin88303 » 14.08.2009, 16:29

Sorry Ron,

I would enjoy to meet all of you but i'm not free this time :cry:

Have fun and take pictures !




rocrail meeting in Holland

Post by derookamer » 22.08.2009, 22:50

First pictures of the very well organized Rocrailmeeting in Holland. Ronald again thanks for your initiatif.
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Rocrail meeting

Post by TRUKO » 23.08.2009, 00:35

Hi All,

Today it was the Rocrail meeting!! We started with a nice tour in the old, but still operational, Steam tram museum at Hoorn. After that, a well prepared Barbeque was ready at Ron, Esther&Bram's place. For who which couldn't make ik to come, you really missed a nice good meeting and tasted food!

Ron & Esther thanks for all the preparations and the work! Your hospitality is appreciated.

Best regards,


Post by tiago » 23.08.2009, 00:49

Great !!! I wish i was there!
Next year i will try to go.


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Post by rjversluis » 23.08.2009, 06:43

Very beautiful pics!

I'm really sorry I did not make it. :-(
But there will come more events to look out for. ;-)

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Post by dadolphs » 23.08.2009, 08:34

Very nice pictures!

I'm also really sorry, that I was busy and could not attend this meeting, but hope to see you guys end of September in Venlo.

Best regards,
Dirk :rr_cap:

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Post by cwichmann » 23.08.2009, 11:23

Hi all,

first of all i will say: Thank you Ron and Esther for this great Event ! It was a pleasure for me to join.

I created a new topic in the album with pictures from the BBQ in Heemskerk and the steam trains in Hoorn:
everyone is invited to upload his fotos from the event here.


Post by onnorvld » 23.08.2009, 11:45

Thanks Ron and Esther, this was a great Rocrail meeting. And nice to see your LGB trains.

And all the other Rocrailers, the dutch sun and Steam tram museum...


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Post by ron&bram » 23.08.2009, 13:58

For us,

We can only humbly bent our heads with so much appreciation and say that it was a pleasure to organise the event and to get so many positive responses.

Best regards to all,

Ronald, Esther & Bram
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Post by StefanF. » 23.08.2009, 18:59

Good morning Ronald,
I am back in Hamburg. Thank you for the good organisation and the beautiful barbeque. The discussions with all are very interesting (live in Heemskerk). I got more fire to use and play with rocrail.
To all other rocrailers, it was a nice meeting yesterday.

Best regards and best greetings at esther
and i hope so, that I do not have frightened your son in the morning :oops:


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Post by phg » 24.08.2009, 10:11

Hallo Rocrailmeeters,

I opened a Webalbum: ... directlink

Sorry for the poor quality. Soemthing is wrong in the camara I believe.

Thanks again Esther and Ronald, for the nice day.



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