PCB's availible for Rocrail hardware projects

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PCB's availible for Rocrail hardware projects

Post by cwichmann » 08.09.2009, 21:38

Hi Rocrailers,

i found a pcb manufacturer who is willing and able to make pcb's of Rocrail projects.
Mr. Koeck from Platinendesign.de sent me this offer:

products and prices

ORA1 12,07 EUR
ORA2 10,17 EUR
ORB1 10,61 EUR
ORD1 20,17 EUR
ORF1 21,57 EUR

All PCB's are etched, drilled and tin-plated.

Scale of prices:

from the 2. 5% off
from the 10. 15% off
from the 50. 25% off


Inside germany 2,00 EUR
Inside europe 6,00 EUR
other countries: please ask Mr. Koeck

How to order:

just send a mail to info@platinendesign.de and ask for the amount of PCB's you want.

If you want Mr. Koeck to etch other PCB's just send him the layout and ask for the price.

I will add this also to the wiki pages soon.
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Post by 73funki » 08.09.2009, 22:20

Good evening, Christian!

Thanks a lot for your work! There's hope now for me and all the others, trying to build up ORD-1...


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Post by pin88303 » 09.09.2009, 12:43

Great :lol:

Thanks Christian



PCB avilable in USA

Post by babujs » 01.10.2009, 15:36

Hello Folks,
I just got the latest version of ORD-1 and ORF-1 made by a professional PCB manufacturer. The boards are excellent. It paid lot to make these boards but I have a few of them available. The cost of each board is $20. If any one is interested please let me know.

Also all the parts for ORD-1 and ORF-1 were sourced from multiple vendors are available. I have not calculated the cost of parts for each board but expect them to be around $50 for the ORD-1 and around $30 for the ORF-1.

I'll post the final costs once I have calculated, if there are interests.

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