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Version 1.3 "Air" rc2

PostPosted: 17.10.2009, 09:09
by rjversluis
Please try and test the second release candidate for version 1..3 "Air".

See: ... ir/changes
for changes between rc1 and rc2.

PostPosted: 17.10.2009, 13:09
by onnorvld
Did test this version with my current plan. No problems found. Only need to add "auto mode" to all my actions (did expect to have this default "on" as most action before are used in Auto mode). The Help, Info still shows rc1 but version is ok.


PostPosted: 17.10.2009, 13:25
by rjversluis
Hi Onno,

tnx for reporting.
Yes I did forgot to change that in Rocview. But the important info is the revision: 895.

PostPosted: 17.10.2009, 13:58
by rjversluis
Hi Onno,

yes, I will set the default for actions to auto in the next rc.