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Postby treinbert » 28.09.2010, 21:48


Thanks for the comments. I saw I did unjust to the program and you. I have adjusted the lecture.

Kind regards,

Postby gwi » 29.09.2010, 21:10

Is the event for HCC members only?


Postby treinbert » 29.09.2010, 22:09

Hi All,

Officially it is for members only, but we can always accept you as a guest, so no problem to come on October 16th.

Kind regards,
Mit freundlichen grusse,
Met vriendelijke groeten,

Postby ron&bram » 16.10.2010, 17:43

Hi All,

I spend a pleasant day at the HCCm meeting and think Bert did a nice job with introducing Rocrail. If there is a need or wish, I can participate in a "Rocrail tips and tricks" workshop, but would prefer to do that with a limited number people, since I believe that a person to person approach is the most effective.

@Bert: :goodjob:
Best regards, Viele Grüsse, vriendelijke groeten, Ronald :rr_cap:
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Postby rjversluis » 16.10.2010, 18:47

Hi Ronald,

tnx for attending the HCCm introduction by Bert.
Switching from the "Koploper" view to Rocrail needs a little time and support from insiders.
But the fact that Bert did this Introduction in the context of the Dutch HCCm I have a good feeling about the capture of all who are interest in the living community of Rocrail.
Best Regards, Rob.
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