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Post by JamesB » 14.07.2010, 18:25

Hello All:

First, let me introduce myself. I'm a long time Marklin fan and at this point I have decided to jump into the world of computer controlled railroading. At this point, I'm just looking for a user friendly system that doesn't require a degree in computer programming to operate my layout. Rocrail interests me but at this point, wading into the system is like jumping into the deep end of a swimming pool without a knowledge of swimming. Which program to use, which program will work, and finding a proper english instruction manual. So far, I have a Marklin MS2, a laptop with windows 7 and a router to connect them both. Unfortunately, I don't know which Rocrail download to use, and after downloading the software, what other add-ons necessary to get the program up and running. I think that this will be the software to use, but, until I can get some help with it, I guess I'll be sticking to manual control

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Post by Pirat-Kapitan » 14.07.2010, 21:56

Hi James,
for download use the newest snapshot from this link:

There is a step by step manual
also have a look at

specialy for the märklin command station there is a beginner file, but i did not find the english version. ... u_v1_7.pdf
it is the german version.

You shoud first try the virtual CS to understand how rocrail works.

Best regards

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