NMRA ID for Rocrail: 70

NMRA ID for Rocrail: 70

Postby rjversluis » 31.07.2011, 18:42

Rocrail is no longer a home made/used program but is known all over the planet.

Today NMRA assigned the manufacturer ID 70 to the Rocrail project. :)



Thank you for your application for an NMRA ID number. Rocrail has been assigned an ID number of 70. Please find attached Appendix A, RP-9.2.2 which will be posted on the NMRA web site in the near future.

Didrik Voss
Manager, S&C Dept.
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Best Regards, Rob.
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Postby Micha68 » 31.07.2011, 19:04

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Postby Schorse » 31.07.2011, 19:43

Hi Rob

Congratulations. Very :goodjob: of the :coding:

Regards Gerd

Postby dac » 31.07.2011, 20:41

Congratulations ! :beer:


PS. Some badges with Rocrail 70 ... :?:
Greetings, Dragos
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Postby sn00zerman » 01.08.2011, 09:10

Another "milestone" that proves that RocRail really *rocks* :-)

Keep up the good work,

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