We have 2000 registered users.

We have 2000 registered users.

Postby rjversluis » 15.08.2011, 15:22

Hi all,

today the 2000st user has registered in this forum. :)

And yes: I'm aware that not all are active. ;)
Best Regards, Rob.
:!: PS: Do not forget to attach the usual files.
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Postby ron&bram » 15.08.2011, 16:04

Hi Rob,

Lets at least virtually all toast :beer: on this occasion and say :rr_for_ever:. Although not every user is active all the time, I see many "returning" after a, somtimes long, period of inactivity. I would say that the quality of Rocrail is such that, once "infected" with it, there is no letting go, the :rr_cap: stays on.
Best regards, Viele Grüsse, vriendelijke groeten, Ronald :rr_cap:
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Postby Helge » 15.08.2011, 18:50

Hello Rob, hello Ron,

Congratulations, let's see how long it takes for the next 2000. Maybe next summer. You did all an excellent job.




Postby treinbert » 15.08.2011, 19:34

Hi Rob and everyone on the forum,

Congratulations at achieving 2000 members on this forum. It is a great achievement and a good sign, that RocRail is flying.


Postby RainerK » 16.08.2011, 05:27

Hi togehter,

I'm very proud to be a very very small part of this great community.
Many thanks to all who have helped make it the way it is


Best Regards
Best Regards, es grüßt RainerK

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Postby oefchen » 17.08.2011, 23:41

Thats not a wonder Rob ! Rocrail is the best..so simple ! :wink:

By the way....greetz to all in background and thanks,

Postby YellowFlash » 18.08.2011, 19:11

Hello all together,

Although not every user is active all the time, I see many "returning" after a, somtimes long, period of inactivity

Well, I think it has something to do with the seasons and steps in building a layout.
In autumn and winter more users will work with it.
Another aspect is that there are different times you think of controlling a modelrailway. In the beginning you need to know where to plan blocks etc.. So you have to learn something about the software. Then you work and after a while, you want to rebuild the layout in rocrail and the problems start again ;-)

Well, that are my two reasons why I am not every time in this forum. But rocrail rocks :-)
One thing that is also very important: the friendly users in this forum and the lot of help I can get here.

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