Suggestions for plan.xml version control Please

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Suggestions for plan.xml version control Please

Post by apemberton » 03.07.2019, 09:07

I have a 'production' and a 'test' Rocrail setup. They use the same processors and Linux. The same version of Rocrail is used on both. I have been using the test system to generate scripts for signals, testing decoders and developing my plan.xml.

I now have to transfer my developments from the test system to the production system. I could copy the test version of the plan.xml to the production system but there might be problems with control as the test system uses a combination of Virtual and SPROGII command stations while the production system uses Digikeijs DR5000 and old Zimo MX1EC command stations.

Both files can be viewed/editted over my network allowing the same system to make file changes as required.

I, therefore, am looking for suggestions about how to keep both Rocrail plans concurrent and some for of version control in place. I could use 'xmlcopyeditor' with both files open for edit but only one file can be viewed at a time (I think). What I really need is a program for Linux that works like 'Winmerge' as I have used on my old windows machines in the past.

Suggestions would be welcome.

TIA, Tony

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Re: Suggestions for plan.xml version control Please

Post by rjversluis » 03.07.2019, 09:19

Hi Tony,

the Command Stations are defined in the rocrail.ini.
Use the same Interface IDs in the test and production environment to keep the plan.xml compatible in case of multiple controllers.

Do not edit the plan.xml with an editor, but only with Rocrail.

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