Bad news, but not selling up yet !

Bad news, but not selling up yet !

Postby Ol_Nick » 08.07.2011, 10:35

I'm afraid that my health issues that I referred to in another post have taken another direction - last week I went to hospital to have a lymph node attached to one of my saliva glands removed. Unfortunately I found out yesterday that it was a lymphoma (cancer), which means that I will need more scans and chemotherapy.

The result is that I will have little or no time to spend on the model railway, and if I can get the cancer into remission, I will be spending the time taking my wife to places that she has always wanted to go.

Please check out my auctions on Ebay which will start quite soon. My seller name on Ebay is Nick2906. I will have a variety of items for sale including some Rocrail boards, along with some very nice DCC sound locos, DCC accessories and electronic parts, and lots of scenery bits and pieces.

I hope I'm not breaking any forum rules by publicising the Ebay sales :)
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Postby Ol_Nick » 12.07.2011, 06:02

Since posting that article, I realise that this was a 'knee jerk' reaction, and I've put the sale of my railway on hold until I've been on the radiotherapy and the chemotherapy for a while. I would really like to continue the hobby if I can force this disease into remission.

Postby RainerK » 12.07.2011, 06:32

Hi Nick,

good luck for all challenges in next time.
All my best wishes to You, so You get back Your health
and so You may play for many years with Your model railroad.

Best Regards
Best Regards, es grüßt RainerK

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Postby drblack » 12.07.2011, 13:51

Dear Nick,

I hope you don't have to sell your model railway for a long time. Take on the challenge and fight the cancer. I hope the NHS for once is better than its reputation and gives you the best treatment possible!

Best regards,


Postby Ol_Nick » 26.08.2011, 16:48

Thanks to all for their good wishes. I've just completed the first round of chemotherapy, and I start the next one in about a week. I'm looking forward to being able to resume my hobby soon :)

Postby Gerald » 26.08.2011, 22:00

Hi Nick,

it is a bit difficult for me to say it in your language, but i will do my best: all my wishes for you and best results with the second turn of your chemotherapy. I hope, you will soon be back with Rocrail and model railroad.

Best regards
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