Marklin circuit track Sensor Help

Marklin circuit track Sensor Help

Postby Jvt » 01.11.2013, 22:51

On the Rocrail website it's states 'A plastic toggle on the 3rd rail is activated (pressed to the left or right) by the pickup shoe on a locomotive. These tracks are usually bidirectional and have 2 outputs, one to show each direction. You will need to bridge the outputs for Rocrail, otherwise they look like two separate sensors, each of which is “one way only.”' How do I 'bridge the outputs for Rocrail' so that I don't have two separate sensors?

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Postby LDG » 01.11.2013, 23:49


just combine the two "output cables" of the track (signaling the direction) and connect them to the same input on the feedback module.

On the other hand you may keep them separate and use two inputs on the feedback module but then you will have to take care which of the feedback sensors (directional !) has to be used to assign the correct events for routes in block properties.

:arrow: With that kind of sensor tracks combining saves one input on the feedback module and it will be easier to debug problems in Rocrail :wink:

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Postby Jvt » 02.11.2013, 07:11

Lothar thank you I understand now.

Means less wires, so that it is good.

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