Hornby Elite problem - USB connection making Elite play up ?

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Hornby Elite problem - USB connection making Elite play up ?

Post by Ol_Nick » 28.08.2010, 12:56

This is a problem with the Elite really, but I'm hoping you good people can help !

I recently decided to use my Elite controller for controlling trains and accessories, after having a few problems with the ORD-1, so the new way was to use the ORD-1 for track detection only. All has been well until yesterday, when my wife's sister wanted a demo of my trains.

I put one of my Bachman diesels on the track, but I could only control the train functions, but I could not make the train move at all. After several minutes of trying, I abandoned the demo.

Today, I took another look. I could control any of the functions on the train (lights, sound effects, etc) but the train would not move. The lights would change when the direction changed. I disconnected the USB cable, and tried controlling the train directly from the Elite controller - exactly the same. So, I thought I may have a faulty motor or decoder in the train, so I changed the train - still the same - functions OK, but no train movement.

In the end, I reconnected the track to the ORD-1 and reconfigured Rocrail to drive the train from the ORD-1. The train worked perfectly.

So, obviously there is something wrong with the Elite controller. Any ideas ? Have I overlooked something really simple ?

Any/all help appreciated ! :)

Added later.... thought it was solved by resetting the Elite back to factory presets, but it happened again this morning, but with a slightly different symptom. Looks like it's something to do with the USB connection ? Another reset fixed it.

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Elite playing up...

Post by RAFHAAA96 » 03.12.2010, 13:09

Hi Nick
Sorry to be a late in replying to your Q but I am in Cyprus (island of the internet dark ages) and my internet connection is not reliable so I can only get on RR sometimes when the wind is blowing the right way.
I have had the Elite play up by not working through RR. I found this was because I had plugged in the USB to a different port on the pc and this was not the one in the .ini file. Changing to the correct port solved the problem for me.

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