Elite, Rocrail, DCC Sound Issue

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Elite, Rocrail, DCC Sound Issue

Post by eddietew » 04.01.2011, 12:05

I am running rocrail with hornby elite.

A while ago my Bachmann DCC Sound Deltic stopped working. Although All sound functions worked. The engine would not move.

I have now had the exactly the same problem with a my second brand new DCC sound loco (Hornby Castle).

Both engines functioned fine for a while with rocrail/elite but then stopped responding to throttle control a day or 2 afterwards. (All sound functions however continued to work from rocrail).

The loco's would not respond to throttle from rocrail or elite.

Disconnecting PC USB cable and resetting (changing address) of the loco's from the elite cured the issue. But as soon as I reconnect rocrail the same symptom immediately occurs.

Has anyone experienced similar issues?




Post by Ol_Nick » 14.03.2011, 10:53

Yes, I had similar issues, although not with quite the same frequency. In the end I bought one of the new ESU 50200 Colour controllers, and got a whole new can of worms ! I had so many problems with it that it had to go back to the factory in Germany, which took a whole month.

I think the blame for this has to be laid at the door of Hornby, but I'm not sure you'll get much of a response from them. Unfortunately Hornby seem to be pretty bad for after-sales service, closely followed by ESU !

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