Start up problems ...

Start up problems ...

Postby RAFHAAA96 » 10.03.2011, 11:26

I'm having start up problems after moving Rocrail folders around on my pc.
I try to start using Rocview.exe with workspace enabled and the server starts, stays black screen, then stops.
After a long time RR reports an error '...that RR server could not be connected, check host and port settings (localhost:62842)...'
Rocview then appears ready for new plan and I try to open workspace from the file menu. Same long wait and same error message.
I have amended all the .ini files to follow the new folder path and checked the planfile (moni3.xml) and all port references but the problem is still there.
Also moni3 planfile is reporting 'unhealthy' in the trace, although I have removed all duplicate and overlapping articles that I can find.
You help once again requested.
'workspace' folder zipped and attached.
Thanks Robbie
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Regards Rob.
Halton Brat
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Postby RainerK » 10.03.2011, 11:52

Hi Robbie,

You've set analyze="true" in the first line of "rocrail.ini"
So start the analyzer at every startup of workspace opening.

Please use a texteditor and write analyze="false"

In my test then the plan opens in few seconds

EDIT: I've corrected the "english" typo analyse to analyze

Best Regards
Best Regards, es grüßt RainerK

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Postby RAFHAAA96 » 10.03.2011, 13:28

Many thanks RainerK - that worked fine. I must have ticked an 'analize' box somewhere by mistake.
Its good to have control of the locs again via Rocrail.
Now all I have to do is make my turnouts work. I have been operating them manually since the new layout build, but have now started to incorporate relays so that the DCC accessory decoders can fire them in parallel as well. So far they work from the Elite, but not yet from Rocrail - I guess more reading of the manual again to re-solve the old Elite problem.
Regards, Robbie
Regards Rob.
Halton Brat
OO gauge - Hornby Elite & eLink CS & Accessory Decoders - Win 8 - 64 bit.

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