Info on rocrail changes to get elite working

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Post by ron&bram » 08.02.2009, 10:57

Hi Greg,

For the Elite the actual coding was done by Jean-Michel, based upon my input of the testing outcomes.
I think we have also exchanged some emails on this topic. If there is anything particular that you need to know, you can ask me, since the time of my entry into the Rocrail community I have learned some things on C++.

Best regards,

P.S. since most things on the Elite-Rocrail combination have already been posted somewhere in the forum it may be better to stick to email, if anything comes out of that that should be shared with the community, I can handle that.

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Post by RAFHAAA96 » 08.02.2009, 17:42

Hi Greg
Robs-on-the-job (a member of this forum) has used Elite with JMRI.
If he does not pick up on this thread maybe send him a PM.

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