Reading CV values with RocPro from Digikeijs DR4018 (z21)

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Reading CV values with RocPro from Digikeijs DR4018 (z21)

Post by cescp » 09.11.2015, 17:09

I'm trying to program a static decoder Digikeijs DR4018 ( ... coder.html)
connected to a Roco z21 (white) central station, using RocoPro.
I've written an xml for it (see attached dr4018.xml).
Writing to the decoder works fine. But reading is not working.
For instance, I input CV Nr 8 and I click on "Read". No value is retrieved. The logs are:


Code: Select all

20151109.163558.688 g9999I main     frame    1953 refresh text item [tx_ee]
20151109.163558.689 g9999I main     frame    5667 UpdateLocImage images/ns2418.png
20151109.163558.690 g9999I main     frame    5678 image OK YES
20151109.163558.810 g9999I main     rocpro   0911 doCV cmd=0 cv=8 value=0
20151109.163558.851 r9999I cmdr9800 OControl 0325 using iid=[z21-1] for programming
20151109.163558.851 r9999I BB75F700 OZ21     0363 cmd=program
20151109.163558.851 r9999c BB75F700 OZ21     0748 get CV8 on POM...
20151109.163559.031 r9999c z21reade OZ21     1129 LAN_X_CV_NACK
20151109.163559.031 r9999I z21reade OZ21     0363 cmd=sys
20151109.163559.031 r9999c z21reade OZ21     0395 LAN_X_SET_TRACK_POWER_ON
20151109.163559.036 r9999c z21reade OZ21     1104 LAN_X_BC_TRACK_POWER_ON
20151109.163559.071 g9999I iReader  app      1078 console mode is off
20151109.163559.071 g9999I main     frame    5406 new state 0x000F
20151109.163559.700 g9999I main     frame    1677 update active locos datareq
20151109.163559.701 g9999I main     frame    1950 trying to find text item [tx_ee]
20151109.163559.701 g9999I main     plan     1875 GetItem [tx_ee] 151d4e90

I've selected the following options, according to the z21 documentation

PoM: enabled
Mode: direct

Am I doing anything wrong?

I'm using Rocrail from git, compiled on a Mageia Linux 5 computer.


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Re: Reading CV values with RocPro from Digikeijs DR4018 (z21

Post by rjversluis » 10.11.2015, 08:21

Hi Francesc,

did you ask Roco if this kind of RailCom is supported by the z21?

John Hoek
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Re: Reading CV values with RocPro from Digikeijs DR4018 (z21

Post by John Hoek » 10.11.2015, 17:20

Did you have read the manual of the Digikeys DR4018?
There is clearly listed that this unit don't give CV valua's back fromCV113 till CV12*... This are only WRITE registers :oops:

So yes, you are right that you didn't get feedback from the DR4018

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Re: Reading CV values with RocPro from Digikeijs DR4018 (z21

Post by cescp » 10.11.2015, 18:28

Yes, I read the manual. I took all the information I put into the attached xml file from there.
Sorry, I thought that the CV that was write-only was just CV47,
and not CV113-128. Anyway, I was trying to read the value of CV8.

According to the DR4018 manual, reading values could be achieved by placing a resistor
in output 1. I've done so, with no POM enabled in RocPro, but it does not work either.



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