Searching for an API

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Searching for an API

Post by wintermeyer » 20.11.2015, 17:29


I'm a newbie and would like to control the "Demo Plan" setup with my own software (to get a feeling how hard it is to program it).

I'm having trouble find my way through the wiki. I'm sure somewhere is described how to do what I want to do but I can't find it.
Would anybody be so kind and tell me the best way of doing it?

I want to start Loco E03 from a Ruby or an Elixir program and get feedback from the sensors. What is the easiest way to do this?


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Re: Searching for an API

Post by LDG » 20.11.2015, 20:06

Hi Stefan,

use the Rocrail Client Protocol (RCP).

The Rocrail wrapper documentation describes the API.


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