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Post by jarrin » 16.11.2016, 16:59

Hello !!

Sorry I'm a beginner !! I'm trying to check the correct connection between the software and my network via Z21+TP-LINK(Ethernet).

Is it possible to control a locomotive without having specific cantons and HOW .?

Thank you

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Re: Z21

Post by rjversluis » 16.11.2016, 17:02


the z21 is documented here.

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Re: Z21

Post by smitt48 » 16.11.2016, 17:17

Hi Jarrin,
control a locomotive without having specific cantons and HOW .
I assume with cantons you mean blocks (Rocrail terminology).

In automatic mode in Rocrail the trains run from block to block, so it will be difficult to run without blocks.
However you can also use Rocrail as a console to change signals and turnouts.

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Re: Z21

Post by Bernie » 16.11.2016, 18:14

Hi Jarrin,

it is possible. Just add your loco with the correct settings, as described here:

Then doubleclick on your loco in the locolist on the left side. The controller opens. Switch on power und you should be able to control your loco.

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