Why has RocServer to be restarted?

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Why has RocServer to be restarted?

Post by Eriko » 04.12.2016, 00:11

With some changes on my layout I've to restart the RocServer before I can go further.
For instance when new routes are implemented.

Some times this is quite annoying.
- Close the connection from RocView to RocServer
- Close RocServer
- Start RocServer
- Reconnect RocView to RocServer
It is quite some work.
Epescilay when I'm trying things and make small changes.

Why does RocServer to restart?
Isn't there a more user friendly way?

When RocView is open on two computers they need both to reconnect.
Could it be an idea to build in the possibility to restart the RocServer without losing connection to RocView?
Just one button or command.

Greetings, Erik

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Re: Why has RocServer to be restarted?

Post by rjversluis » 04.12.2016, 07:24

Hi Erik,

you do not have to restart for new routes...

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