IR Sensors

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IR Sensors

Post by mcnaugg » 08.05.2017, 11:05

I am using a Digitrax (Loconet system) with Peters GCA modules, for among others, current Block Sensors (GCA93).
I am now planning to make use of IR leds as block sensors in the next phase and would welcome advice on the positioning of them.

With the existing layout the track is physically “cut” into separate electrical sections or blocks which give the necessary indication via the GCA93 & GCA50. These blocks have a physical length and therefore the actual stopping place can be set via the block event timers. Also a locos position is known when it restarts or when the overall layout is powered down and up.

However with an IR detector the loco can run past the detector when stopping. When restarting RocRail wouldn’t know where the loco is if it has run past the detector.

Is my thinking correct and if so how do I get around the problem? Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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Re: IR Sensors

Post by smitt48 » 08.05.2017, 11:34

Hi Gareth,

With Rocrail the software "knows/remembers" in which block the train was stopped. Therefore when you start the software again it will show the train in that block.


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Re: IR Sensors

Post by GuenTTer » 08.05.2017, 11:40

Hello Gareth,
I'm using also Peters GCA93 and GCA94 mixed with GCA190. There are no problems after a restart of Rocrail.

If you use GCA190, you should take care about ambient light, because GCA190 is very sensetive of this.
On places with ambient light, I use this chinese IR sensors ... nce+sensor, which you can connect with your GCA50.
These sensors have a less sensetivity for ambient light and you can use the GCA190 connection-board for them too.

kind regards
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