z21 Dcc+mm problem

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Re: z21 Dcc+mm problem

Post by smitt48 » 19.03.2019, 20:50

Hi Charles,

Welcome to Rocrail!

With questions about your layout, pleas provide your data.

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Re: z21 Dcc+mm problem

Post by charlesbovy » 19.03.2019, 22:17

Hi Tom, and others,

Thanks for your quick response!
Happy to provide my data. See attached.
There are also some traces with some trace on Byte level. (rocrail.trace.008.trc)
Have tried to look into it myself, but can't understand all of it.
Snippet out of the trace:
20190319.212401.144 r9999I NEW OSwitch 2139 Test thread for "NEW" started.
20190319.212401.144 r9999I NEW OSwitch 1364 Switch [NEW] will be set to [straight,0,0]
20190319.212401.144 r9999I 1A04E700 OZ21 0267 point created for 0-25 with address=25
20190319.212401.144 r9999c 1A04E700 OZ21 0362 set accessory decoder 6 mode to [MM]
20190319.212401.144 r9999c 1A04E700 OZ21 0536 dual gate(0) switch 24: straight port=ON
20190319.212401.144 r9999a NEW OSwitch 1634 broadcasting switch[NEW] state [straight]

I've created a new Switch/turnout called NEW, with MM address 25. I don't understand why "decoder 6" and "switch 24" is used here. It seems that the "6" is used in the z21writer thread (instead of the expected 25).

Anyway, as said earlier, I need to find out some more details myself first, so don't waste too much time on it for now. I was just interested if the topic poster had sorted his issue, as it seams that I was seeing similar behavior.

Regards, Charles
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Re: z21 Dcc+mm problem

Post by charlesbovy » 26.03.2019, 21:25

rjversluis wrote:
23.08.2017, 14:55
Just try the nightly build tomorrow and report.

I changed the decoder mode setting address to switch address divided by 4. Maybe I should add 1 to this.
You must have programmed, or dip switched, the MM decoders otherwise they would all have the same address and all react at the same switch addresses.

If you reboot/reposer the Z21 alle decoders are per default DCC.
Hi Rob,

I'm not sure if the above is the right approach. I've done some testing and did some packet-dumps and came to following conclusion explained below.
The Z21 is using FADA, which means that each switch has/should have its own MM address. The decoder address doesn't matter in this case.

The switch-decoders which I'm using are from Marklin (74460) and only have one MM address.
The k83 from Marklin is programmed with the first switch address (let's say 5), and the additional 3 ports will get incremental addresses (6, 7 and 8). To address a specific ports have their own MM address.

In order to address a switch, we just need to use the 'Address'. No need to divide by 4 or anything else, according to FADA. Is that the correct?

For example: I've created a switch in Rocrail with address 32. The output to the Z21 is: 07:00:71:00:00:08:01 (LAN_SET_TURNOUTMODE of address 8 to MM)
Another example in my trace: Switch with address 25. The output to the Z21 is: 07:00:71:00:00:06:01 (LAN_SET_TURNOUTMODE of address 6 to MM)

It seems that rocrail is setting the decoder address to MM, instead of the individual switch address. Can you check this?

Happy to provide more detail if required.

Regards, Charles

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