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How to manage a set of cassettes ?

Posted: 29.08.2017, 17:01
by DeepPurple
I have built a set of cassettes to store full trains. The cassettes are equipped with rails and can be electrified. So that trains can leave a cassette to join the layout and vice-versa. I'm thinking about the best way to manage those cassettes under Rocrail. My idea is to use the Fidle Yard object, each cassette being a Managed Track Block of the Fiddle Yard. This way, I hope that Rocrail will remember which train is stored in which cassette from session to session.

Is this the good way to handle it ?

Re: How to manage a set of cassettes ?

Posted: 29.08.2017, 17:44
by peter&basti
Hi Philippe,

interesting approach. First thoughts from my side:

If you use the cassettes like a fiddle yard, from my point of view any operation should have to be realized and done manually e.g. virtual sensors.
There are a lot of examples of manual operations of switches and sensors in the forum and on some userpages.

To enter or to leave a cassette (which represent a Block), is there the possibilty to equip the cassette with at least one sensor in any way?

If you are successful by the end of the day, i am sure that the Rocrail community is interested in your solution example :wink:

Re: How to manage a set of cassettes ?

Posted: 29.08.2017, 18:49
by DeepPurple
Hi Peter, thank you for this first response. I'll look at the notion of virtual sensor. Anyway, I intend to have one sensor at the end of the cassette. It will be an infrared or a ultrasound one, that will detect train approaching the end of the cassette. There will be one physical sensor, shared for all cassettes, I presume that I will manage to program the needed logic within Rocrail to handle this.

I will for sure share my experimentation with the Rocrail community. Please give me three months :wink: