MPG turntable decoder

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MPG turntable decoder

Post by lgrfbs » 27.01.2018, 15:00

A Swedish maker (MPG) have done a turntable decoder.
The turntable decoder has button for "Step one left" , "Step one right" , "turn 180".
If I press one of the buttons, then the graphics in Rocrail will not update the graphics, if we can setup Rocrail so the graphics will respond on LocoNet feedback.
The turntable decoder take turnout commands and give LocoNet feedback, like this:
Turnout command + Closed = move turntable clockwise
Turnout command + Thrown = move turntable anti clockwise

turntable in moving feedback
Closed = Is on a track position.
Unknown = Turntable is moving.

How do I setup this turntable decoder for feedback in Rocrail?
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Re: MPG turntable decoder

Post by smitt48 » 27.01.2018, 18:18

Hi ????,

Bitte deine Dateien beifuegen!

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