Levels in Track Plans -and 'unique IDs' -philosophy ??

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Levels in Track Plans -and 'unique IDs' -philosophy ??

Post by PhilS » 14.05.2018, 11:17

I've returned again to look at RocRail now that it is practical to use on RPi3,and I want to use my Z21 and feedback. AN ATTRACTION is the ability to different 'images' of the layout on easily selectable tabs - so that the layout view can be simplified/separated for some operators. I currently use Rocomtion 5.9 and the MultiCentralePro.
(It's other attraction is the ability to be used with my Multi Central Pros via Linux) We are primarily interested in Route-Selction and Tran Tracking with manual control.

I have tried both: 1/ Creating 'original' diagrams in each level, for the differing parts = and with some OVERLAP of control / controlled items, and 2/ Copied 'en masse'.

Whilst I understand the 'philosophy 'of the 'UNIQUE ID' for an item, I am at a total loss as to why the SAME OBJECT in different levels apparently Must have its OWN DIFFERENT unique id -when a look at the table SHOWS that IT HAS AUTOMATICALLY been GIVEN a UNIQUE FLAG in the form of the LEVEL number.

This appears to me to be a potential source of error through conflicting results,, and confusion for 'maintenance'.

THIS MEANS,if my interpretation is correct, (and looking at the result of copying a level or trying to rename an item ) that all my 80 feedback sensors, and 36 sets of points [with a and b for paired crossings] - which ARE ALREADY uniquely identified twice - both by 'Unique Id' (of user choice) AND by Address - instead of SHARING THE SAME uniqueID in the different levels -which seems logical and an aid to fault finding and compact tables, by simply using the automatic LEVEL added ident for any required differentiation, instead , totally original new ids -pointing to the same physical devices are needed for EACH additional Level !!! This has meant me creating up to 3 x 80 Sensor ids and 36+ x 3 to include the items in 3 of the 4 levels created ! (Overall, Upper, Lower, and Narrow Gauges)

There appears to be little documentation of the 'levels' options - and I cannot find any reference when searching help wiki or forum -hence my question for clarification

Since only 1 level is displayed at a time, (although if 2 or more were, they would still be identifiable by their window) - and the relevance is, or should be, purely for display position purposes I am greatly puzzled by this strange method ! My only way of 'avoiding' it would appear to be to use 1 large diagram, and zoom or pan around it ... but not to make any use of what should be a useful, simplifying, feature ????

As this is a 'concept' / mylackofunderstanding question, I have not uploaded the track plans [4 'levels']. It is for a 5.4m x 1.5m x 3 level layout we use with wireless handsets,360degree walk around, and Multic Centrale Pro /Rocomotion for route selection. Its predecessor used Optical detection - but these were 'a test' 'before they were installed on our main layout - I currently dread the thought of drawing (and producing meaningful labels for ) that in different levels 8-( (It also uses Rocomotion for its display) - so the current 'Skandi' layout is having current-sensors x80 added - and these have been individually tested as working with RocRail and the Z21 ( Digikeijs 4088RB +S88, with a future trial of the 5088 to follow )

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Re: Levels in Track Plans -and 'unique IDs' -philosophy ??

Post by LDG » 14.05.2018, 13:02

Rocrail is not accepting any indentical items on different levels. All levels are equal (currently visible/displayed or not).

If you are so convinced to Rocomotion then buy an upgrade to TC Gold (same author) and be happy with that.

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Re: Levels in Track Plans -and 'unique IDs' -philosophy ??

Post by rjversluis » 14.05.2018, 13:14

There is no need to show the same object in multiple levels.
Just use http://wiki.rocrail.net/doku.php?id=roc ... indow_view

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Re: Levels in Track Plans -and 'unique IDs' -philosophy ??

Post by rvooyen » 14.05.2018, 22:29

I have a layout on three levels, so I have three Rocrail plan levels.
I can understand why you might want some overlap , since I originally had the same idea/wish.

However if you make your plan you will find you dont need the overlap, becuase you can simply start another rocview or rocweb and have the levels show next to each other eg using two vdus next to each other.
Or have a tablet showing a level or similar.
With these options I do not have a need for overlap.


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