Solved - Controlling two turnouts in tandem

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Solved - Controlling two turnouts in tandem

Post by tender » 17.02.2010, 13:41

I have two turnouts connected back to back to form a crossover. If i wire these to the same decoder output so they switch together can RocRail be setup to reflect this in the plan? Alternativley, if i use separate decoder outputs can RocRail link them so they operate together?
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Post by tender » 17.02.2010, 23:55

Had a go at this with my limited knowledge of RocRail using actions. Got two turnouts linked to turn straight together but couldn't get them to turn back together. After fiddling for a bit, RocRail got stuck in a loop and crashed.
Any advice.

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Post by fredouille91 » 18.02.2010, 08:43


I alos had this problem.
The solution is to define one of the two turnouts as the main turnout in RocRail, which controls the real turnout through the decoder (ie specifying the decode address).

And the other one is chanded on Rocrail using actions on the main turnout.

I used that solution but i can't remember exctly what was the actions' parameters.



Post by topologe » 18.02.2010, 11:42


I am using one adress for both turnouts in Rocrail and it works.
The turnout of cause both are wired to one and the same decoder(adress).

No problems - only little awkward effect: clicking on one of the two turnouts on the plan updates both symbols, clicking on the other only updates this single symbol.



Post by tender » 18.02.2010, 13:29

OK, I think i've sorted this using two outputs on the decoder.
The two trunouts are T12 (address 1) and T13 (address 2)
I've made two actions T12straight and T12turnout which set the switch T12 accordingly.
In the T13 properties 'Actions' i've setup T12straight with 'ID'='T12straight' and 'State'='straight' and T12turnout with 'ID'='T12turnout' and 'State'='turnout'

Now 'clicking' on T13 in the layout switchs T12 and T13 together both ways.
I guess i could wire both switches to address 1 on the decoder and assign T12 to the 'virtual' controller.

Not sure if this is the correct solution but it seems to work.
Comments please from a RocRail beginner.

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Post by ron&bram » 18.02.2010, 19:56

Hi Ray,

I worked out a small example with just two switches. One of the switches is to be set with the real address of the accessory decoder, the other one must be given a "dummy" address (either an address not used by an accessory decoder or, better, linked to the virtual command station).
The plan contains four actions. With these actions, in combination with the action conditions (critical to prevent an endless loop), when you operate one switch, the other will follow. It does not matter which switch you operate, the one with the real address or the one with the dummy address, both will change and a command is sent to the real address.

Best regards, Ronald
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Post by tender » 18.02.2010, 22:37

Thanks Ronald.
I was just missing the operation from both sides and the conditions. Linked the second switch to the 'virtual' controller as suggested.

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Re: Solved - Controlling two turnouts in tandem

Post by tomtine1 » 04.01.2019, 21:08


I need to open up that topic, because I am not getting it right.
I am not an xml expert, and I only tried to solve it in an easier way, but I did not understand the solution with actions.

can somebody try to help again, or even reply if there is in the meantime an easier solution, that independent which turnout is activated, the sign of the other switch is set correctly in rocview? (both turnouts are on the same controler output)

thank so much

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Re: Solved - Controlling two turnouts in tandem

Post by rjversluis » 04.01.2019, 21:58

Please open a new thread.
This 9 year old thread is obsolete.


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