Loco "vanishing" to be recognized via railcom ?

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Loco "vanishing" to be recognized via railcom ?

Post by ThomasM » 13.06.2018, 15:00

The other day I had the effect that a loco on a side track didn't get trackpower due to dirty tracks.
Rocrail nevertheless stated the loco as present and the the related block as "occupied" which is valid as latest status, due to the fact that the wagons have built in resistors for occupancy detection.
I'm wondering if railcom could have been of help insofar, as there was a discrepency between the stored status and the reality given by railcom means loco not present !
Additionally if a loco would accidently derail and the railcom feedback vanishes, this could be used as an emergency feedback as well ??
What's your opinion about this topic?

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Re: Loco "vanishing" to be recognized via railcom ?

Post by rjversluis » 14.06.2018, 09:44

Hi Thomas,

Rocrail does not need RailCom.

If Rocrail has been shutdown normally, all occupancies are saved and will be used in the next session.
If a loco does not have a track connection, and its occupancy was saved in the previous session, it will still occupy the block. (Because its still on the track.)
It could lead to accidents if Rocrail would rely on the RailCom occupancy.

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Re: Loco "vanishing" to be recognized via railcom ?

Post by ThomasM » 14.06.2018, 17:34

Sorry, but of course I'm not saying to puzzle the status by a false occupancy detection, what I'm saying is:
Concerning a distinct occupancy detector you have in sum three feedbacks: one virtual which is in the database, one real feedback ( occupied or not ) and the railcom feedback.
If everything is fine, all three detections must match, if not, sth. is wrong and what I would like to get is simply a warning, that sth. isn't OK.
You have already implemented such a feedback which is the ghost train detection ...
Regards Thomas

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