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Displaying the commands list...

Posted: 23.11.2018, 10:31
For my general interest only...
In my trackplan I have the lower right hand window pane showing the list of commands that are being sent to the track.

I wondered how these commands are being generated. Does Rocrail ‘sniff’ the DCC signal then translate the binary string into text or is the command extracted from somewhere else along the command sequence in the Rocrail code.

I have seen a DCC monitor that uses an Arduino to display the binary in English and I have used a USB ‘scope to view the DDC signal and by way of a link file translate the binary into text. So I just wondered how Rocrail does it.


Re: Displaying the commands list...

Posted: 23.11.2018, 10:47
by RainerK
Hi Rob,

that frame at the bottom right hand show the Command parameters which Rocrail send to the CS.
And then the CS generate the Track signal.
It is impossible to show the Track signal, because Rocrail get not those Information from the CS.

Re: Displaying the commands list...

Posted: 23.11.2018, 11:35
Hi Rainer

I realise the CS generates the binary to the track, but wondered how Rocrail sent the screen commands to the CS.

I was just intrigued as to whether Rocrail worked along the same general method as this...

Edit - having watched the video on youtube I see that he is sniffing the signal at the track, so my question is answered.

I see you use Arduino with motor control. I have sent off for the parts to try out the Rudy project as he also uses Arduino as an alternative for S88 detection.