Loco programming with Sprog and RocRail.


Loco programming with Sprog and RocRail.

Postby cbegg50 » 12.05.2011, 10:32

I've recently obtained some more DCC locos and when I came to program them, I found RocRail timed out waiting for the Programming Track. The Sprog programs the locos fine in JMRI, but I want to keep my loco roster in RocRail. I used to be able to use RocRail with an earlier version, but the latest version (I'm at work so can't give you the version at the moment) I downloaded won't allow me to do it. Does anyone know of any changes that would stop loco programming working?

Colin Begg

Postby rjversluis » 12.05.2011, 13:44

Hi Colin,

can you provide following information:

- rocrail.ini
- traces of a programming session
- the Rocrail version/revision which did work for you
Best Regards, Rob.
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Required files

Postby cbegg50 » 12.05.2011, 23:34

Attached is the rocrail.ini file and traces of the server and rocview in a zip file. I have download files for 2443 and 2479, so it was one of those which must have worked. The current version is 2530.

Colin Begg
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Postby ron&bram » 13.05.2011, 10:33

Hi Colin,

The files show two things:

1) The defined loconet interface is not initiated, because Rocrail can not find the specified com port 24.

2) there is no programming track command station ID defined in the Rocrail properties. This means that Rocrail will use the first command station for the programming track, which in your case is the loconet interface.
Best regards, Viele Grüsse, vriendelijke groeten, Ronald :rr_cap:
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Postby cbegg50 » 13.05.2011, 11:18

Thanks for that useful information. I've no idea why Rocrail thinks port 24 is not there as I now have the device manager running permanently so I can check before I start Rocrail that both the controllers' ports exist. I didn't realise loconet had slipped ahead of SPROG or that it used the first one. Of course Loconet doesn't control any locos, just accessories so I wasn't concerned when it complained of not being there.

The significant thing is that last time I successfully programmed with the SPROG it was the only controller (first in the list) as I was proposing to control everything with the SPROG. But when I found you can't (easily) read back sensor data with DCC, I switched to using Loconet for the sensors AND points/signals.

Cheers and thanks again

RocRail Programming Fixed

Postby cbegg50 » 14.05.2011, 23:45

Thanks, guys,
Moving SPROGII back to the top of the controller list got it working again.

Colin Begg

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