SPROG Nano - which booster?


SPROG Nano - which booster?

Postby markus1990 » 02.09.2014, 17:28

Hi there!

I just got a SPROG-Nano. It is powered by USB.
But I need to connect it to a booster to amplify the signals or the ampere or voltage... I have no clue :/
I got some old(er) stuff from my Märklin layout laying around. Therefore I just wanted to ask if I can simply use my old Transformer or Märklin 6017 Booster to connect the layout with my SPROG Nano.

The problem with the Märklin 6017 is, that there are connection pins for a Control Unit 6021. I think I should get the DCC signal into the circuit somewhere there, but I don't know which pins to use.

Yours, Markus

PS: Could Anybody please explain what's exactly the job of a booster and how it works?

PPS: Feel free to answer in german or english. :)

Re: SPROG Nano - which booster?

Postby rjversluis » 03.09.2014, 09:45

Hi Markus,

as far as I know you can only use SPROG boosters for the Nano because the signal is not symmetrical.
Best Regards, Rob.
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Re: SPROG Nano - which booster?

Postby markus1990 » 03.09.2014, 20:03

Andrew from SPROG let me know, that others work too and Märklin's Booster might work. But I think it's a waste of time to experiment with other boosters. Therefore I'il probably stick with the original one.

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