DR80015 Locomotive function NANO

DR80015 Locomotive function NANO

Postby unforbidable » 23.05.2011, 08:57

Hello, colleagues!

I found this very cheap decoder on several online shops but only digirails.nl provides a PDF with some details, I imagine. It seems Digirails is the manufacturer. I am going to auto-translate the PDF to English, but you know how that works out some time.

Can anyone tell me if this decoder can drive an analog locomotive? I don't need any special function except going forward and backward. It seems to have 2 outputs only which does not sound like enough. Is it just for the lights (on/off). It supports NMRA.

http://digirails.nl/item/80015-locomoti ... n-nano.php


Postby RainerK » 23.05.2011, 09:21

Hi Tomáš

this is only a function decoder, not for drive a loco, it has no possibility to control or connect a motor.
The application for this is only to switch light or make special light effects (see PDF manual).

Best Regards
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Postby unforbidable » 23.05.2011, 09:24

Hi Rainer

Thanks a lot for you reply!


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