(solved) Action; start Loco with schedule X

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(solved) Action; start Loco with schedule X

Postby MadMax » 10.07.2018, 20:07


How do I define an action like; Start Loco X with Schedule X?
Something with a parameter?

Also; if I want the arrival of loc X at the end of his schedule to initiate the start of loc Z; is the right way to do that with 1) the action tied to the destination (in the schedule, destinations dialog) or 2) as an action attched to the follow up (in the follow up screen)?

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Re: Action; start Loco with schedule X

Postby cds » 11.07.2018, 06:37

Hello Max!

Sorry, once again ... I'm quite sure you know the Wiki of how to set and activate actions?
Share your plan with your attempts and we will try to help you.

Besides search the forum in detail and you'll find a couple of examples to your questions.
Beste Grüße/Kind regards

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Re: Action; start Loco with schedule X

Postby MadMax » 12.07.2018, 05:38

Thanks Claus,

Once again I searched the wiki and the forum, but neither gives much info on the correct use of parameters and whether the action would be best defined in the last step of the schedule, or as a follow up; both seem possible to me. I post a question when the answers I do find are not clear to me. Nevertheless, I got it to work. Maybe i'll write a tutorial on it, if I have time.


Re: Action; start Loco with schedule X

Postby MadMax » 12.07.2018, 06:38

Starting a loc on a schedule through an action.
Example; LOC003 starts LOC011 at the end of its schedule. LOC011 starts LOC008 at the end of its schedule.
1) Define the schedules (rocview, tables, schedules);


I think the schedules have to be relative for this to work as designed. Timers will mess it up.

2) Define the actions to start the locs (rocview, tables, actions);


A. Define a new action
B. Under “Definition”;
(a) select the loc to start (pull down menu),
(b) select the command “go”,
(c) enter the ID (the name) of the schedule as a parameter,


3) Define the action to stop the locs
a. Select the loc to stop
b. Select the command “stop”
4) Repeat this for all locs involved, you should end up with a “start” and “stop” action for each, where the start action has the schedule to use as a parameter
5) In the schedules, call the action as a follow up (rocview, tables, schedules, follow-up) and select “activate on enter”


A. Select the action to start the next loc


B. Select the action to stop the current loc (as above). Each schedule now has two actions defined; "start another loc" and "stop myself".

If all is well; you can now start LOC003 with it's schedule. It will run to the end of its schedule and upon reaching the end;
- send the next loc on its way (start LocX with ScheduleY)
- stop itself (stop LocZ)

I’ve created a carrousel with 4 locs this way and will expand to 15 one of these days. The "fourth" (currently last) Loc, has the action "Start FirstLoc with ScheduleX" defined.

I have left all other variables (“at command”, “at event” etcetera) on default

EDIT; you might have to assign the action in the follow up, I will check...tomorrow..
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