R2Rnet: Support for roaming trains.

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R2Rnet: Support for roaming trains.

Post by rjversluis » 08.08.2009, 14:49


I brought you all a souvenir from my holidays:


This part was missing in Rocrail and is from my point of view a very important addition to make the way free for unlimited model railroading.

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Post by cwichmann » 08.08.2009, 14:58

Hi Rob,

first of all: welcome back :-)

The R2Rnet feature sounds great. It can be used well at module meetings when every participator brings his own Laptop and his own CS to the meeting.
i think it's a big step forward :-)

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Post by eroncelli » 08.08.2009, 17:31

It looks just "great" (or "cool" in USA).javascript:emoticon(':D')javascript:emoticon(':)')
I'll test it by the end of this month and report about its usability.

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