IN Event timers not always working Topic is solved

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Re: IN Event timers not always working

Post by rjversluis » 08.04.2019, 16:26

Hi Tom,

so reserve second next block in a loop of two blocks should also work if timers should work...
Anyhow it is too bad you don't want to look at this problem as it does not make sense why a wait in a prior block activates the timer in another block.
this is only the case of a loop...

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Re: IN Event timers not always working

Post by JeroenS » 08.04.2019, 19:37

@ Tom,

Thanks for the support. Since the issue I encountered is how RocRail is programmed (and cannot be solved) I have enabled a work around. I changed the block to a fixed wait time of 1 second. Train speed decreases at enter and in, which is less nice, but the timer in the next block works now and trains stop at the right location. I will close the topic.

@ Rob,

Although I have (multiple) carrousel ovals, quite some train movements are possible. Furthermore parts of the oval are hidden and a small fiddle is used to get some train diversity. The control by Rocrail enables me to sit back, enjoy the trains and drink a beer. For a next lay-out, I will definitely use at least 3 blocks in an oval and seperate the 'enter' and 'in' sections so no timers are needed.


Best regards
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