Turntable management and optimisation question

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Turntable management and optimisation question

Post by Johnjeanb » 31.05.2019, 12:57

Hi Rocrail fans

My target functioning of the turntable (TT)
My layout includes a (TT) where I made changes so that its automatic operation (schedules) can:
- reduce the TT rotation when empty to maximum 1/2 turn or less
- be able to deliver the loco to any track (1 to 48) whether or not involving a direction change

The present situation:
All is working OK as per above targets but with one remaining problem: When a new schedule waits because the TT is busy with another schedule the result may be that the TT is using its "wrong side" resulting is a long rotation (more than 1/2 turn).

How does it works presently:
  • all routes to the TT are "doubled": one route to TT+ and one route to TT- for any connecting track (when TT+ is ON then TT- is OFF and vice-versa) (These routes include TT+ or TT- in the Sensor list) so that only the "valid one" is unlocked.
  • Before starting a new schedule near the TT, the TT position is checked to set ON or OFF the outputs TT+ and TT-
What does not work
When a new schedule -involving the TT-is started, if there is a waiting time because the TT is busy with another schedule that triggers a significant TT rotation (1/2 turn or more) then the rotation is not optimized anymore resulting in a rotation of 1/2 a turn or more.

My questions
When a schedule (involving the TT) is waiting because another one is executing, what is stored by Rocrail (the Schedule or the Route of the schedule)?
Are there any tricks to solve this problem
Thank you for your answers
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