Speed on the block

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Re: Speed on the block

Post by Schorse » 15.06.2019, 17:14

Hi Tom,
Tom wrote:Immer streiten!
Yes, Sir.
Did you try the links yourself?

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Re: Speed on the block

Post by RainerK » 15.06.2019, 23:08

Hi Tom,
smitt48 wrote:
15.06.2019, 13:17
Peter : https://wiki.rocrail.net/lib/exe/fetch. ... eed-en.png
Jacque: https://wiki.rocrail.net/lib/exe/fetch. ... eed-en.png
Your error is to copy the links as text. That is not the right way, because longer links in the text of a post are shortened.
The right way is to copy over the Right mouse context menu on the link like "copy link" (or something like that)
Peter did place the link correct: (to show the complete link in this post, i set it in "code" quotes)

Code: Select all

Jacques did place the link in the same wrong form as You and then the rest part of the URL is missing:

Code: Select all

You can see the error in the post, if the URL part is "blue" as a link, but the right end is only normal "black" text.

Please consider that an URL in a post is shortened, if it contain three dots and some blanks " ... " between two parts of the URL.
With blanks an URL is always cut at that positions. Only if both parts of an link are "blue", then is possible that it contain the complete URL.

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Re: Speed on the block

Post by amiral06 » 26.06.2019, 06:49

smitt48 wrote:
10.06.2019, 19:54
Hi Claus,

See Post viewtopic.php?f=79&t=18072&p=198891#p198891

What Jacques wants (as far as I understand) is train speed depending on (French signals). I explained to him that signals (in Rocrail) are "decorations". So set the speed in the routes/blocks in such a way that satisfies your needs and then set the signals accordingly. I am no signal expert, but with actions you should be able to get a resemblance of what he wants. I keep hearing from Rob that Rocrail can show 16 possibilities for the Italian railroad, so these 6 for France should be no problem! :D

Can you explain exactly how to create an action to manage speed? ... Is type "LOCO" and "COMMAND" Mid (or Min or Cruise or Max)..... No explain found in the Wiki.
Thanks for your response
Best regards

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