CS3 as Rocrail Slave?

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CS3 as Rocrail Slave?

Post by lplanz » 17.04.2017, 21:46


I´m thinking about buying a cs3 to use it with rocrail.
Is it possible to use the cs3 as slave of rocrail, as possible with the ms2, so Rocrail is recognising new locomotives, the cs3 is taking the configuration from rocrail?

Background: I want to use the cs3 as booster for my system with the possibility to report mfx messages back to rocrail, and to use the two controller of the cs3 for controling the loco by hand for maneuvering? It is not intended to leave the control to the cs3 or to paint blockdiagrams with it yet.
Do I need the plus version in order to let rocrail be a master?

Regards, Lars

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Re: CS3 as Rocrail Slave?

Post by woodyboy » 17.04.2017, 22:37

It is not possible to use a CS3 in slave mode with the mgbox interface because the data exchange (locolist) is in a zipped format with a CS3. I'll expect a cheaper way is to use http://tams-online.de/Produkte/Digital/ ... oster-Link with a booster. Maybe some modifications are necessary to get it in operation due to the amplifier construction in the Gleisbox. I don't know if there are any users in the forum. I don't own such a product so I can't confirm if it works well but maybe Mr. Tams will. A CS3 for this goal sounds as overkill to me.
So far my 2 cents....

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Re: CS3 as Rocrail Slave?

Post by eroncelli » 18.04.2017, 06:26

There is something confused: you can use a CS3 as the main controller and let RR do the automation (classic configuration, as it was with CS1 and CS2, considering this a still valid solution to save some money in case of automation controlled by RR)
Or you can get a cheaper solution using a control box + MS2 (more than one if you want) like it is presented in this Forum (only with lesser power to the track).

As far as i know, it's a nonsense having the CS3 dowgraded to a "slave".
From my point of view, you'd better get the full CS3 (with galvanic separation) for any possible future use (little difference in cost, but greater compatibility).

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