CS2 and locomotives

Märklin Central Station 2
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Re: CS2 and locomotives

Post by rjversluis » 12.10.2014, 09:41

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Re: CS2 and locomotives

Post by woodyboy » 17.10.2014, 11:48

To me your desciption sounds very cryptographic.
Which value have you translated? As far as I know you need the SID of the mfx device to use as the address to command a loc and the protocol serverdefined. For me this works with a Gleisbox. Look here it for a clear explanation (dutch) http://wiki.rocrail.net/doku.php?id=cs2:cs2-nl

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Re: CS2 and locomotives

Post by eroncelli » 18.10.2014, 15:20

With recent versions of CS SW, you can see the loco file directly on you PC by typing 192.168.1.xxx/config/lokomotive.cs2 (192.168.1.xxx is the address of your CS2).

Then, as already explained, set the address (the "decimal" value, as converted from the "exadecimal" given in the file), version=2 and Interface=server defined

You will see that all the commands issued by RR for that loco shaw the "mfx" mark.
Don't forget to enter the "exact name" (Upper and lower cases, spaces etc): CS2 recognize locos by name

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