Interaction with new CS2 simulation on PC by Maerklin

Märklin Central Station 2

Interaction with new CS2 simulation on PC by Maerklin

Postby eroncelli » 14.12.2014, 18:44

Maerklin has issued a new SW to "copy" the CS2 on a PC: it works, not perferctly in this first rev, but that's not a problem.

I tested RR and this SW concurrently on my PC: both can run correctly (only, the Maerklin SW shall be activated first, and RR only after this, otherwise the Maerklin SW reports, correctly, that the UDP port is "busy").

The only problem is that RR reports an error continuously (see the annex "issue"), probably due to the common use of the UDP port.
Not a big problem, as I do not need to run the 2 SWs at the same time, but just as a matter of information for your further inverstigation.

If other infos or tests are necessary, let me know

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