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Post by jeanmichel » 22.02.2010, 22:12

Hi Wolfgang,
Any OpenDCC is capable of generating the PoM-read command - I integrated this in both software versions. But again, Booster 1 can't do the job - no cutout.
so if use Booster V2 or Booster V1 with the Tiny it is possible to read on PoM? Just with the CS the Booster and several Locos on the Track?


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Post by opendcc » 23.02.2010, 08:37

Hi Jeanmichel,

again, Booster 1 can't do the job - no cutout. Cutout is created with AND gates in the bridge control lines, thus creating a short at the output of the Bridge. Booster V1 doesn't have these AND gates.

Reading on PoM is possible with more than one loco on the track (but I haven't tried it yet), address identification is a broadcast an will lead to transmission error if there is more than one loco on the same detector. But there are upcoming commands to resolve this.

br Wolfgang

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