How to use Railcom with LZV100?

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How to use Railcom with LZV100?

Post by StEr0iD » 06.04.2010, 22:23


i try to get RailCom working with my LZV100 and Lenz decoders (Gold).
Is it possible to use Railcom with Rocrail via Li-USB or what is needed to get it work?

I want that the blocks can show the actual train which is in it.
Why Lenz decoders have Railcom when i cant use it, because on their homepage they say they will sale a module which can give the Adress from a railroad via usb to the computer. But actually i cant find anything like that for sale.

Anyone uses Railcom with LVZ100?
How can i get it done?

Best regards


Post by morten.andersen » 15.04.2010, 13:10

The Lenz decoders do send out RailCom data. Your problem is that you don't have anything to pick up the data. The Lenz LZV100 does not have RailCom detector. The LZV200 seems to have a global detector meaning that it can detect RailCom data on the connected track section but the controller won't be out until end 2010 accourding to Lenz.

I agree that it seems illogical that Lenz Decoders send out RailCom data but Lenz doesn't have anything to detect it.

If you want block control with RailCom right now about your only option is the Tams RailCom devices as they are the only ones working with RocRail.

Again Lenz mention similar devices on their website but has no mention of when they are available for sale. I am sure however that when they are, RocRail will be fast to support them. :D


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