Connecting Intellibox II to Rocrail

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Connecting Intellibox II to Rocrail

Postby Rinus » 05.04.2013, 20:12

Hi all,

I recently switches from the Intellibox IR to the Intellibox II. However I'm erxperiencing problems in connecting the Intellibox to Rocrail. Sofar I have not managed to connect both.

I made sure that the USB cnncetion between the PC and the ntellibox is working. I managed to do the recent software update of the intellibox over USB, so I asume the USB is working OK.

I followed the installation procedure carefully. Only the ULNI for setting up the device part I did not cope. The ULNI settings in Rocrail itself I did do.


My questions:

1. Where can i download the software to do the ULNI adjustmenst of my Intellibox II for the LNCV 2 and 4?
2. Could there be any other reason why it is not working?

Looking forward to your replies.


Postby rjversluis » 05.04.2013, 20:54

Hi Rinus,

posting your rocrail.ini and rocrail.*.trc files could be able others to help.

2) If you are asking for support for Rocrail functionallity, auto mode, switches, signals ... you have to post your rocrail.ini plan file and the trace file. No one can help you if you don't provide this informations.
Best Regards, Rob.
:!: PS: Do not forget to attach the usual files.
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Postby ChrisBarry » 05.04.2013, 20:55

Hello Rinus,

these 2 LNCVs should be the standard (factory) setting.

In the IBs you can set the baud rate via the setup menu or you program them via the program menu for special options (see manual 15.2 as described for special option 844). This reminds of the good old times.

If you like the Uhlenbrock software you need to buy that (be aware that you don't buy used SW because Uhlenbrock normally only distributes licenses which need to be registered at Uhlenbrock an cannot be transferred...).

I setup IB (the initial one) and IB Basic and it normally worked according the guideline.

But I switched to Loconet Buffer (mine from RR-Cirkits) and to have the connection PC - Loconet Buffer - IB - railroad. This enables loco programming via rocrail or Decoder Pro. Uhlenbrock is very restrictive in opening their box for others...

Hope this helps.

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