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[Solved] Train does not stop in selected block

Posted: 07.05.2013, 19:40
by agre30
Rocrail is in automode. I want a train (G1206) to run from BL8 to BL13. So in androc I select the loco control screen, select BL13 as destination and press start. the train goes to BL13 but does not stop there. It runs as if it is in auto-mode to the next block and so on until I stop it manualy.

Posted: 07.05.2013, 20:00
by agre30
I just realized that trace is off while creating an issue. I will provide tracefiles tomorrow.

Posted: 08.05.2013, 18:22
by agre30
Here is the trace file. Only with another train (BR03 1055)
I just thought, maybe this is the way it is programmed. Select block, press start and when the train arrives in the selected block, press start again to stop the train. In Rocview I can drag and drop a train from one block to another and I assumed Androc works the same way..

Posted: 12.05.2013, 20:00
by agre30
Just tried to achieve this with a schedule, but with the same result. The train goes to the last location or block in the schedule but runs further in automode.

Am I the only one trying this?

Posted: 13.05.2013, 11:53
by rjversluis
You must have an odd version off Rocrail.
But if you push the start button on andRoc again when reaching the destination it will running on.

Posted: 13.05.2013, 17:59
by agre30
Hi Rob,
Thanks for your reply.
I have the latest version of AndRoc (402) and Rocrail version 5158.
This is what I do:
Rocrail is in auto mode.
In Androc I select a locomotive, press and hold the image so the second screen appears where I can select a schedule or block. I select a block and press 'Start'. When the train reaches the selected block I do nothing, just wait. If selected the train waits but then takes of to the next block and so on.

I have tried it on 2 different computers and 2 different Android devices.
Trace files are provided in the previous message.

Hope you can help.

Posted: 18.05.2013, 21:37
by agre30
Still hope somebody can help. I have the latest version of Rocrail and AndRoc.

Can't imagine I'm the only one with this problem.

Posted: 19.05.2013, 09:33
by rjversluis
Hi Albert,

you are right; andRoc only sends a GO command without setting the destination block.

Posted: 19.05.2013, 09:53
by rjversluis
Fixed in 405:

See extra line for start button functionality: ... ottle_loco

Posted: 19.05.2013, 11:56
by agre30
Hi Rob,
Great, it works. Thanks! Just a few remarks:
- Shouldn't the start button in Androc be turned off when the train reaches the destination?
- When I press and hold the start button for about a second the dialog screen disappears and nothing happens.
- When I select a block and press Start, the train goes to the selected block. :thumb_up: Next, same train, I select a schedule and press Start and the train runs according to the schedule. :thumb_up: but, as a third step, I select a block and press Start the train runs in automode and does not stop in the selected block. When I close the dialog between the 2nd and 3rd step and open it again it works good.


Posted: 19.05.2013, 17:16
by agre30
Hi Rob,

I tested it this morning on my laptop with a virtual CS and it seemed to work.
On second thought it's not reliable. Wether or not it works depends on how long I press the Start button.
When I press the button to long the dialog disappears. When I press it a split-second to short the train starts in auto-mode.

I hope you can do some improvement on this.

Posted: 19.05.2013, 17:22
by rjversluis
A long click is defined in your device.
I can't make any approvements.
Long click -> goto block
Short click -> start or if schedule selected, start with schedule

But if you have a better solution: Its Open Source.

Posted: 19.05.2013, 18:11
by agre30
Hi Rob,
Thanks for your answer.
I did not know that I had to set the long click on my Android device. I have found it and changed it to 'long'. It seems it is a matter of trial and error to find the right time for pressing the button.

It's not such a good idea to let me change the program. I have other qualities :D