RocNetNode from NodeRed?

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RocNetNode from NodeRed?

Post by cbegg50 » 23.05.2017, 18:23

Has anyone succeeded in connecting RocNetNode to NodeRed. I see it supports UDP (multicast?) and mentions MQTT. My railway project based on the work of Internet of Lego ( by Corey, uses live train schedules from Transport for London (TfL) over a public API. I have two Raspberry Pi 2s, both running Node Red, one extracting the overground train schedules (you can get underground too) for a small portion of the network and the other making timing and routing decisions for a model layout based on those schedules. This is the Pi I hope to make generate UDP messages to RocNetNode, running on a Pi B and GCA Pi-01, Pi-02 for precision location detection, Pi-03 for signal and point servos, Pi-07 for track circuit detection. This seems to be working in RocRail, so I'm trying to move onto the Raspberry Pis. Most communication between Pis and Node Red flows are using MQTT nodes, but there is a UDP node which supports Multicast.

Am I a pioneer or has someone succeeded to any degree? Where do I start with UDP comms to RocNetNode? I've looked at the protocol documentation and as others have noted in the forum, it doesn't really help very much in getting started.

I'll be glad of any help1
Best Regards,
Colin Begg

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Re: RocNetNode from NodeRed?

Post by rjversluis » 25.05.2017, 13:34

Hi Colin,

which information is missing?

Liviu M
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Re: RocNetNode from NodeRed?

Post by Liviu M » 25.05.2017, 14:15

Hi Colin,
may you describe a little your "NodeRed mqtt" flow?
Do you have any mqtt broker somewhere in the network? Which are its settings (port, protocol...)?
I haven't done anything with NodeRed, nor with RocnetNode, but I've build a small "Rocnet-compatible" interface using a ESP8266 and had some success with it.
If you tell us more about what you try to implement, maybe we can give some better advices.


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